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#BlackLivesMatter, African-American History, Black History, Black-owned Businesses, Black Life, African-American Labor, Cameras, Camera Repair, Architecture, Manufacturing 001 1/8 Scale 003 004 4-H Club 7th Avenue 16mm 19th Century 30 Rockefeller Center 35mm 35mm Camera 37th Division 50th Anniversary 50th Wedding Anniversary 78rpm, 78 Rpm 000625 1 000626 000627a 000627b 000627c 000627d 000627e 000627f 000627g 000627h 000628a 000628b 000628c 000628d 000629 000630 000630 2 000630 3 000631 000632 000633 000634 000635 000637 000638 000640 000641 000642 000643 000643b 000645 000646 000649 000650 000671a 000671b 000671c 000671d 000672 000673 SF 000674 000675 000689 000690 000691 000692 000693 000694 000695 000696or 697 000697or 696 000698 000699 000700a 000700b 000701 000702 000703 000703b 000703c 000705 000706 000707 000708 000710a 000710b 000710c 000711 000712 000713 000714 000715 000716 000717 000718 000719 000720 000721 000722 000722b 000723 000724 000725 000726 000727 000729 000730b 000733a 000733b 000734 000735 000737 000738 000739 000740 000741 000742 000743 000745 000747 000748 000749 000750 000751 000752 000753 000754 000756 000756b 000757 000758 000759 000760 000761 000762 000762b 000763 000764 000765 000766 000766b 000767 000768 000769 000770 000771 000773 000774 000775 000776 000778 000779 000780 000781 000782 000783.2 000784 000786 000787 000788 000790 000797 000798 000799 000800a 000800b 000801 000802 000803 000804 000805 000805b 000806 000807 000808 000809 000811b 000812 000813 000814 000819a 000819b 000819c 000821 000825 000826 000830 000831 000832 000833 000839 000842 000843 000845 000846 000847 000849 000856 000861 000862 000864 000865 000866 000868 000872a 000873 000880 000887 000889 000900 000900b 000901 000902 000903 000908a 000908b 000909 000910 000929 000931 000932 000935 000936 000937 000938 000939 000940 000941 000965 000966 000967 000968 000969 000972 000973 000974 000975 000975b 000976 000977 000978 000979 000980 000981 000982 000983 000984 000986 000987 000988 000988 Alt 000989 000989 Alt 000990 000991 000991 Alt 000992 000992 Alt 000995 000995 Alt 000995b 000996 000997 000997 Alt 000999 001000 001002 001003 001004 001005 001006 001008 001009 001010 001011 001012 001013 001015 001016 001017 001018 001019 001020 001021 001023 001025 001027 001032 001084 Bombay 001084 Nikko 001086 Singapore Straits 001086 World Cruise 1928 001087 001089 001090 001093 001095 001096 001097 001099 001100 001101 001102 001103 001104 Latino Family On Vacation 001105 001105 Apparent Alt 001107 001108 001109 001112 001 001114 SF 001115 001115b 001115c 001116 NY 001127 001128 001129 001130 001131 001132 001133 001134 GGB UCBerkeley 001135 001136 001138 Interesting 001139 001140 001141 001142 001143 001144 001146 001148 001149 001150 001152 001153 2 K 001155 001 001156 001 001157 001 001158 001 001159 001 001160 001 001161 Rescan 001 001163 001 001164 001 001180 001181a 001181b 001182 001183 001184 001186 001187 001188 001192 001193 001194 001195 001196 001197 001199 001200 001201 001203 001206 001207 001208 001 001209 001210 001211 001212 001213 001214 001215 001217 001219 001220 001221 001224 001225 001226 001 001228 001 001229 001 001230 001232 001233 001234 001236 001 001237 001 001238 001239 001240 001 LA 001241 001 001242 001 001243 001 001244 001 001245 001 001246 001 001247 001 001248 001 001249 001 001250 001 001251 001 001251 002 001252 001 001253 001 001254 001 001255 001256 001261 001262 001263 001264 001265 001266 001267 001268 001269 001270 001271 001272 001273 001274 001275 001276 001277 001279 001280 001282 001283 001284 001286 001287 001288 001289 001290 001291 001292 001293 001295 001296 001297 001299 001300 001301 001302 001303 001 001304 001 001305 001 001306 001 001307 001 001308 001 001312 001 001313 001 001314 001 001316 001 001317 001 001318 001 001322 001 001323 001 001324 001 001325 001 001326 001328 001329 001330 001331 001332 001333 001334 001335 001336 001337a 001337b 001338 001339 001340 001342 001347 001 001348 001 001349 001 001350 001 001351 001 001352 001 001353 001 001354 001 001355 001 001356 001 001357 001 001358 001 001359 001 001360 001361 001362 001363 001364 001365 001367 001368 001 001369 001 001370 001 001371 001 001372 001 001373 001 001374 001 001375 001 001376 001 001377 001 001378 001 001379 001 001380 001 001381 001 001382 001 001383 001 001384 001 001385 001 001386 001 001387 001 001388 001 001390 001 001391 001392 001393 001394 001395 001396 001397 001398 001399 001400 001401 001402 001403 001404 1404 Printer 001405 001406 001408 001409 001410 001411 001412 001413 001415 001416 1826 Births 1906 1920s 1920s Cars 1920s Fashions 1926 1927 1928 1929 1930 1930 Ford Model T 1930s 1930s Swimwear 1931 1932 1934 1935 1935-36) 1936 1936 San Diego 1937 1938 1939 1939 World’s Fair 1940 1940-1948 1940s 1940s Aircraft 1940s Air Travel 1940s Fashions 1940s Women’s Fashions 1941 1942 1943 1944 1946 1947 1948 1949 1950 1950. Bahamas 1950s 1950s California 1950s Fashions 1951 1951 Ford Country Squire 1952 1953 1954 1955 1956 1957 1958 1959 1960 1960s 1960s Fashions 1961 1962 1963 1964 1964 World's Fair 1965 1965 Villareal Mitote 1966 1967 1968 1969 1970 1970s 1970s Fashions 1971 1972 1978 2020 Vetting Notes: 8 Mins. 098166 098168 098172 098178 098179 098181 098182 098193 098193 Alt 098219 098247 098252 098277 098323 098380 098381 098383 098388 098403 098406 098407 098410 098414 098422 098425 098432 098434 098434b 098435 098436 098439 098440 098442 098443 098444 098455 098456 098461 098480 098486 098499 098511 098517 098559 098591 098600 098623 098633 098638 098662 098667 098669 098670 098717 098725 098735 098745 098749 SF CITY 098751 098844 098863 099842 099843 170001 001 170001 Second Scan 001 170002 001 170003 170003 C 170003 C Apparent Alt 170003 D 170003 E 170004 001 170004 002 170004 003 170004 004 170004 007 170005 001 170006 001 : Lake Nipissing A.m. Radio Aare River Abrasives Acapulco Accident Accidental Shot Accidents Accordion Acrobats Activism Adams Ale Addicts Adele Adirondack Adirondack Chairs Adirondack Park Adirondacks Adjustments Administrators Adult Students Advertising Advertising: General Advertising: History Advertising: In-house Advertising: Motion Pictures Advertising: Outdoor Advertising: Screen Ads Advertising: Skywriting Advertising: Television Commercials Aerial Cinematography Aerials Aerial Views Aerospace Industry Aesop Fable Affection Affectionate Affectionate Family AFL Africa: Exploration African-American African-American Labor African American African American Churches African American Domestic Labor African American Family African American History African American Labor African American Musicians African Americans African American Students African American Workers African School Afro-Caribbean Musician Aftermath Agen Story Aging A Great New Star Agricultural Labor Agricultural Work AGRICULTURE Agriculture Agriculture: Bananas Agriculture: Citrus Agriculture: Dairy Industry Agriculture: Farms And Farming Agriculture: Food Industry Agriculture: Food Industry: Canning Agriculture: Food Industry: Cereals Agriculture: Food Industry: Fruit: Dried Agriculture: Food Industry: Meat Agriculture: Food Industry: Peas Agriculture: Food Industry: Prunes Agriculture: Food Industry: Supplements Agriculture: Herbicides And Pesticides Agriculture: Pigs Agriculture: Poultry Ahwanee Aircraft Aircraft (interiors) Aircraft Carrier Aircraft Technicians Air Field Air Force Air Force Family Airline Industry Airplane Airplanes Airplane Views Airplane Window Airport Airports Air Show Air Terminal Air Traffic Control Air Travel AL Alabama Alameda County Alameda County Family Alaska Alaska Earthquake Damage Alaska Highway Alaska Landscapes Alaska Mountains Alaska Native Culture Albany Alberta ALCAN Alcohol Alexander Hamilton Alexandra Falls Alhambra Hotel Ali Alice’s Restaurant Alisal Tales All-male All Campus Peace Council Allegany Region Allegheny Mountain Tunnel Alligator Alligators Almond Festival Almond Industry Alps Altar Boys Alturas AM Amateur Film Amateur Films Amateur Movies Ambulance America America: Landmarks American History American Legion A Minute A Day Amish Carts Amish Country Amish Labor Amsterdam Amusement Park Amusement Parks Anaheim Anchorage Angels Camp, California Angry Boy Animal Abuse Animal Lovers Animal Mistreatment Animals Animals: Apes Animals: Behavior Animals: Birds Animals: Birds (Domesticated) Animals: Buffalo Animals: Cats Animals: Chimpanzees Animals: Cows Animals: Diseases Animals: Dogs Animals: Fish Animals: Frogs Animals: General Animals: Pigs Animals: Rats Animal Studies Animal Subjects Animal Tricks Animation Animation: Advertising Animation: Mud Animation: Production Animation: Puppet Animation: Rube Goldberg Animation: Scientific Animation: Stop-motion Animation: Topical Annapolis Anniversary Anteater Antelope Anthracite Anthropology Anti-communism Anti-Nixon Anti-nuclear Anti-statism Anti-war Antibiotics Antifacism Antioch, California Antiwar Demonstrations Antiwar March Antiwar Protest Ants Apartment Apartment Building Apartment Complex Apartment Exteriors Apollo 10 Apollo 11 Appalachia Appendectomy Apple Harvest Apples Appliances Appliances: Sales Aqua Parade Aquatic Airplane Aquatic Park Arboretum Arcadia Archery Architecture Archival Archival Film Archival Footage Archives Arctic: Exploration Arctic: Peoples Arizona Ark Arkansas Arlington Armstrong Army Air Defense Command Army Anti-Aircraft Command Army Band Army Base Army Day Parade Army Exercises Army Family Army Field School Army Installations Army Marchers Army Support Army Tanks Army Training Grounds Army Troops Army Uniform Army Veteran Arnold Hall Air Force Academy Arrival Art Art And Artists: Self-taught Art And Artists: Technique Art Class Art Classes Artists Arts And Crafts Arts Education Artsy Family Arvilla Motor Court Asbestos Asia Asian Americans Aspen As Santa Claus Assassinations Asti Astronaut Astronomy Atherton Athletics Atlanta Atlantic City Atlantic Coast Atlantic Ocean Atmospheric Atomic-nuclear: Civil Defense Atomic-nuclear: Energy Atomic-nuclear: General Atomic-nuclear: Peaceful Uses Atomic-nuclear: Weapons Atomic Test Attempted Entry Auditorium Ausable Chasm Austerity Britain Austin, Texas Australia Auto Jubilee Automation Automobile Automobile Manufacturing Automobiles AUTOMOBILES Automobiles (Crashes) Automobiles (Racing) Automobiles: Advertising Automobiles: Design And Manufacturing Automobiles: Economic Effects Automobiles: Engineering Automobiles: History Automobiles: Manufacturing Automobiles: Sales Automobiles: Service And Repair Automobiles: Stunts Automotive Automotive Labor Autoprobe Autumn Autumn Color Autumn Leaves Avant-garde Aviation Aviation: Agricultural Aviation: Airports Aviation: Commercial Aviation: Crashes Aviation: Dirigibles Aviation: General Aviation: Helicopters Aviation: History Aviation: Manufacturing Aviation: Military Aviation: Navigation Aviation: Operations Aviation: Skywriting Aviation: U.S. Navy Aviation: Women AV Tape Record Awning AZ B&O B.C. B 2 Roll Babe The Blue Ox Babies Baby Baby Alligator Baby Boom Baby Bottle Tooth Decay Baby Boy Baby Carriage Baby Drinks Soda Baby Girl Back Bombay Backcountry Backstage Back Yard Backyard Backyard Barbecue Backyard Football Back Yard Picnic Backyard Picnic Backyards Badger Badlands Badminton BAGS Bahamas Bahamas Airways Bahamas Market Baja California Bakery Baking Balboa Park Bald Head Balfour Place Balkans Ball Game Banana Banana Plantation Bands Banff Banff National Park Banff Snow-Line Bangkok Banking Banner Ban The Bomb Baptism Baptists Bar Barge Bar Mitzvah Barn Barn Addition Barn Swallows Barnum And Bailey Barnyard Barnyard Animals Barrel Jumping Barrel Roll Bars Bars To Bullets Baseball Baseball Game Basin And Range Bassinette Bathing Bathing Baby Batteries Battleships Battleships In San Francisco Bay Bay Area Bay Cruise Bay Meadows BC Beach Beach Cabin Beach Culture Beached Boat Beaches Beach Scenes Beach Shelters Beach Town Beach Trips Beagle Bear Bear Cubs Bear On Road Bears Bears In Camp Bears In Woods Beauty Salons Beaver Beefeaters Beehive Hair Beekeeping Beer Beet Hitler Beetles Beets Before And After Behavior Behind Behind The Headlines Belgium Belle Isle Bell Laboratories Bell System Bell System Jack Jill Benny Goodman Benny Rubin Bentley Beresford Club Berkeley Berkeley - Stanford Football Game Berkeley Barb Bermuda Trip Bernal Heights Berne Berry Picking Beverage Industry Beverly Hills Bible Story Biblical Drama Bicycle Bicycle Ride Bicycles Bicycles: Safety Bicycling Big Family Bighorn Sheep Bigleaf Maple Big Rally II Big Rock Candy Mountain Billboards Billy Goat Bingo Binoculars Biological Warfare Biology Biology: Reproduction Biplane Bird Dogs Bird Feeder Birds Birdseye Birdseye View Birdwatcher Birmingham Birmingham, Alabama Birthday Birthday Cake Birthday Parties Birthday Party Birthday Party For Senior Bishop Black Americans Black And White Black Bear Black Bears Black Cat Black Cats Black Gold Black History Black Kittens Black Lives Black Panthers Black Swans Bleach Blonde Blimp Blind Blindness Blitz Blue Hole Blue Monday Blue Mountains Blurry Image Boarding School Boardwalk Boat Boat House Boating Boat Ride Boats Boat Storage Boat Trip Bobcaygeon Bohemianism Boise Bolivia Bomber Bonanza Bonneville Dam Bonneville Salt Flats Boonville Boonville (New York) Boot Hill Bordentown Military Institute Border Crossing Border Grill Restaurant Boston Boston College Boston Terrier Bottle Blonde Boulder CO Boulder Dam Bow Ties Boxing Boxing Day Boyhood Boy Receives Toy Kitchen Boys Boy Scouts Branch Offices Brandeis University Brass Band Bread Breaking Waves Brick Building Brick Buildings Brick Home Brick Homes Bricklaying Brick Street Bride And Groom Bride In Snow Bridge Building Bridges Brisbane British Columbia British West Indian Airline Broadcasting Broadway B Roll Bronx Bronx Zoo Bronze Baby Shoes Brookgreen Gardens Brooklyn Brookridge Milking Parlor Brothel Brown Bear Brown Derby Brown Pelican Bryce Canyon Bucking Bronco Buckingham Palace Budgie Buffalo Buffalo New York Buffalo Rock State Park Bugs Buick Buick] Building Building Pavillion Buildings Building Trades Bulbs Bulldozer Bullets Bullfight Bullfighting Bull Shoals Dam Bumper Cars Bungalow Bureaucracy Bureau Of Reclamation Burglary Burlesque Burlington Burned Out Buildings Burning Christmas Tree Burro Burro Pack Train Burro Ride Burros Burros On Road Buses Business Bus Loading Butterfly Hunt Buy War Bonds C&H Sugar C 3717 Cabin Cable Cars Cactus Cactus Bloom Cactus Display Cadillac Cadillac Mountain Cake Calexico Calif. Califoria California California (Southern California) California: "Redwood Empire" California: Agriculture California: Central Valley California: History And Culture California: Los Angeles California: Los Angeles: History California: Marysville California: Multiculturalism California: Redwood Estates California: Santa Monica California: Scenics California Aerial California Agriculture California Coast California Coastline 1971 California Family California Home Scenes California Locations California Pacific International Exposition California Sea Lion California State Fair California Suburbs California Zephyr Train Calistoga Camel Camel Cigarettes Camera Camera Eye New Jersey Camp Camp Buildings CAMPERS Camping CAMPING Camp Kippewa Camp Oaks Campus Campus Marching Band Canada Canada Goose Canadian Pacific Canadian Pacific Railway Canadian Pacific Steamship Canadian River Canadian River Municipal Water Authority Canadian Rockies Canadian Rocky Mountains Canal Canals Cananoque Boat Candy Canning Canoe Canoe Camping Canoeing Canyonlands Canyons Cape Ann Cape Cod Capitalism Capitol Building Capitol Interiors Capitol Mall Captive Bear Car Carbon Car Camping Carcross Car Culture Car Culture: Ceremonies Car Culture: Children Car Culture: General Car Culture: Hot Rods Car Culture: Newsreels Car Culture: Youth Card Game Cards Car Ferry Car Fire Caribbean Region Caribou Caricature Carlsbad Cavern Car Maintenance Carmel Caroldale School Carousel Carousel Girlie Show Carquinez Bridge Carquinez Strait Car Races Cars Ford Flooded Road Car Shopping Car Show Cars In Snow Cartography Car Wreck Cascade Cascade Mountains Cascades Cash Registers Casino Castillo De San Marcos Castle Harbour Hotel Castle Rock Castle Rock Fire Cat Catalina Island Catalina Island Ferry Catamaran Caterpillar Tractor Protest Cathedral Catholic San Francisco Catholic School Cats Cats In A Puzzle Box Cattle Cattle Auction Cattle Drive Cattle Ranch Cattle Roping Cat With Prey Cavalry Run Cave Cave Of The Winds Caving Cbk Cedar Breaks Cedar Point Celebration Celebrations Celebrities Celilo Falls Cemeteries Cemetery Censorship Central America Central Electric Railfans Association Central Park Central Valley Central Valley Water Project Centron Productions Cerebral Palsy Ceremonies Ceremony Chains Changing Guard Charles Lindbergh Charleston Charter Chartered Bus Chartres Cathedral Chateau Lake Louise Check Checkpoint Checks Chef Chemehuev Chemical Industry Chemicals Chemical Warfare Chemistry Cheoah River Cherokee Nation Cherokee NC Cherry Blossom Time Cherry Harvest Cherry Trees Chessie Steam Special Chevrolet CHEVROLET Chevrolet, Industrial Films, Sponsored Films, Institutional Advertising, Automobiles, 1960s, Suburbia Chevrolet Motor Company Chevron Chicago Chickens Chicken Slaughtered Chihuahuas Child Crime Child Development Childhood Development Child In Wheelchair Child Psychology. Children Children's Books Children's Play Children: Babies Children: Disabled Children: Psychology Children: Safety Children Drink Beer Children Of Color Children Playing Children Reading Children’s Birthday Parties Children’s Birthday Party Children’s Fairyland Chile China China Clipper Chinatown Chinese Americans Chinese Opera Chipmunk Chocolate Easter Bunny Choir Chou En-Lai Christening Christian Christianity Christian Militarism Christian Street Parade Christmas Christmas Carols Christmas Dinner Christmas Gifts Christmas Presents Christmas Tree Chrysler Church Church Basement Church Choir Church Events Church Group Church Interiors Church Wedding Churchyard Church] Cigar Cigarettes Cigars Cigar Store Cinemascope, Pasta1 CIO Circle Line Circus Circus Animals Circus Figures Circus Tent Interiors Circus Tents Cities Cities: U.S. Cities: U.S., Northeast Citizenship Citrus Grove City City Hall City In The Snow City Of North Bay City Parade City Parks City Planning City Reel 1 A City Streets Ciudad Juarez Civic Center Civic Parade Civics Civil Defense Civil Defense Floats Civil Engineering Civil Rights Civil War Civil War Battlefield Civil War Graveyard Clair Clarinet Clark Gable Clark Gasoline Clarkston Class Class Relations Classroom Clayton Cleveland, Ohio Cleveland Ohio Cliche Cliff House Cliffs Climbing Clipper Cloche Hat Cloche Hats Close-up Close Up Closeups Clothing Clouche Hats Clown Clowns CO Co-education Coal Coal-powered Coal Mining Coal Processing Coal Transport Coast Coastal Route 1 Coast Guard Coast Range Coca-cola Coca-Cola Company Coccidioidomycosis Cocker Spaniel Cockpit Cocktails Bar Coconut Palm Coeur D’Alene Lake Coffee Coffin Coke On The Go Cold Cuts Cold War Colgate University Collection College College Campus College Football College Graduate College Graduation Colleges Colleges And Universities Collegiate Collie Colombia Colonel Roscoe Turner Colonial Sites Colonization Color Colorado Colorado River Colorado Springs Color Balance Color Footage Color Magic Columbiana Ohio Columbia River Columbia River Gorge Combine Comedian Comedy Comic Books Comics Commercial Commercial Feature Commercial Fishing Commercially Produced Commercially Produced Film Common Loon Communication Communication: Books Communication: General Communication: Postal Communication: Postal: Stamps Communication: Printing Communication: Radio Communication: Satellite Communication: Speech Communication: Telegrams Communication: Telegraph Communication: Telephone Communication: Typesetting Communication: Typewriters Communication: Wirephotos Communication: Writing Communism Communist China Community Community Center Community Organizations Company Picnic Compton Computer Computers: History Computing History Comstock Lode Concentration Camps Concert Concrete Concrete Mixing Coney Island Conflict Resolution Conneaut Lake Connecticut Conservation Construction Construction Labor Consumerism Continental Divide Continuing Education Contra Costa County Contract Negotiation Convent Of The Sacred Heart Cooking Cooking Gear Cooking Over Open Fire Cookout Cooks Coonhounds Coral Gables Cordova Airlines Corn Palace Costume Costume Drama Cotton Cotton Fields Count Basie Counterculture Counterdemonstration Count Four Country Band Country Club Countryside County Fair County Fairs Couple Couples Courtyard Covered Bridge Covered Wagons Cowboy Cowboy Costumes Cowboy Outfit Cows Coyote Coyote 1 Lamb 0 CPIE Crafting Craftsman Bungalow Crater Lake Crevasse Crew Crime And Criminals Crime And Criminals (Molestation) Crittenton Hospital Crocker Bank Crocodile Crooked River Crop-dusting Crop Duster Croquet Cross-country Cross-country Train Cross-dressing Cross Country Crossing Crowd Exits Baseball Stadium Crowd On Sidewalk Crowds Crown Point Cruise Cruise Ship Crushed Cars CTA Cuba Cue Magazine Cultivation Cultural Appropriation Cultural Geography Cup Cupcake Curry Village Cypress Cypress Trees D.C. D.C. Sights Dachshund Daily Dairy Industry Dalmatian Dam Dam Collapse Dam Construction Dams Dance Dance And Dancing Dance Performance Dancers Dancing Dancing A Jig Daniel Boone Danish-American Dannys Dental Date Dappled Horse Dating Daughter Davis Monthan Air Force Base Davy Crockett Day Thanksgiving Daytona DC Dearborn Dearborn, Michigan Death At Home Death Valley Decaysia Decaysial December Decorations Dedication Ceremony Deer Deer Hunting Deer Swimming Delaware Park Delicatessen Delta Demolished Houses Demolition Demonstration Demonstrations Denver Denver And Rio Grande Steam Train Department Of Energy Department Store Department Store Interiors Department Stores Departure Derailment Deschutes Deschutes River Desert Deserts Desert Southwest Desert Wildflower Design Design: Industrial Design Correction Destruction Detective Story Detroit Detroit (History And Culture) Detroit, Michigan Detroit Downtown Detroit Institute Of Arts Detroit River Detroit Skyline Detroit Tigers Devil's Slide Devil’s Elbow Devil’s Slide Devine Dewey Decimal System Diego Rivera Differently Abled Child Digging A Post Hole Digging Snow Dining Dining Room Dinosaur Or Footprints Dinosaurs Dionne Quintuplets. Diploma Directed By Don Hooper Dirigible Dirt Dirty Harry Locations Disabled Child Disabled Person Disabled Woman Disaster Relief Disasters Disease Disneyland Distillery Distressed City Distributed Processing Diversity Dividends From Space Divine Baptism Diving Diving Helmet Dixie Dunbar Dock Docks DOE Dog Dog And Cat Play Dog Food Dog In Aviator Costume Dog Kennel Dog Rides Lumber Truck Dogs Dogs At Beach Dogs Corner Raccoon Dogsled Race Dogsled Races Dogsleds Dog Tricks Dome Car Domestic Domestic Geese Domestic Labor Domestic Recreation Dominican Republic Dominicans Donkey Donkeys Dorsett Double Exposure Double Rainbow Douglas “Wrong Way” Corrigan Downing Downing Collection Downing Collection 001 Downing Collection 004 Downtowns Downtown Story Downtown Story Reel B Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Drag Drama Dreams Dredge Dredging Driftboat Driftwood Driftwood Sculpture Drilling Drilling For Oil Drinking Drinks Drink Your Way To Health A Drive-in Drive-through Tree Driving Driving In Snow Drugs: Heroin Drumming Circle Drunk Drying Fish Dubbing Of Motion Pictures Ducks Dude Ranch Duluth Duncan Sisters Durante, Jimmy Dutch Dutch Children Duty Dymaxion Early Aviation Earth Moving Earthquakes Earthquakes (San Francisco 1906) Earthquakes: San Francisco Earthquakes: San Francisco, 1906 Easel East Bay East Bay Regional Parks East Coast Easter Easter Best Easter Candy Easter Egg Hunt Easter Egg Roll Eastern Airlines Eastern Freeways Eastern Oregon Eastern Sierra Eastern U.S. Eastern Washington Eastern Woodlands Easter Service East Indies Eastman Kodak Company East River Mountain East Side Eating Ebenezer Baptist Church Echo II 14 Packing Echo Lake Lodge Economics Education Educational Film Educational Films Ehrenbreistein Eight Or Nine In The Morning Eisenhower, Dwight David El Capitan Elders Electricab Electricity Electricity Energy Horsepower Electricity Goes Underground Electromagnetics Electronics Elektro Elementary School Elephant Elephants Elevated Train Elf Elizabeth And Philip In Open Car Elizabeth Park Elk Elko El Paso Emergency Response Emmaus Boys Camp Empire State Building Empty Streets Emu Energy Energy Industry Energy Production Engineering Engineers England Englewood English Channel English Riding English Setter Ensenada Entertainers Entertainment Environment Ephemeral Film Equine Labor Ergonomics Erie Canal Erotic Dance Escape Esquire Magazine Esso Esso Station Ethnography: Africa Ethnography: U.S.: South Etiquette Europe Europe Trip Evangeline Park Excavation Excerpts Excursions Executives Exercise Exercises Experimental Experimental Neurosis Experimental Watercraft Experimentation Explosions Expo 67 Expo Exhibits Exposition Expositions Extraction Extractive Industries Extreme Close-ups Extreme Sports Eyes F 4713 Fabrics Facism Facist Factories Factory Fair Fairs Fairview Poultry Farm Fairyland Fantasy Fairy Tale Fall Color Families Families: 1950s Families: 1960s Family FAMILY Family, Piano, Singing, Feast, Dinner, Cake, Dessert, Kissing, Game, Prison Game Family Antics Family Development Family Fun Family Gathering Family Life Family Party Family Picnic Family Portraits Family Poses With Energy Plant Family Recreation Family Reunion Family Scenes Family Vacation Fan Culture Fantasy Farallon Islands Farm Farmers Farm Family Farm Horses Farmhouse Farmhouse Interiors FARMING Farming Farming Takes Skill Farmington Fair Farm Labor Farm Labor Camps Farm Labor Supply Center Farmland Farmland Conversion Farm Landscapes Farm Life Farms Farms And Farming Farm Scenes Farmstand Farm Terracing Farm Vehicles Farm Workers Farm Yard Farmyard Fashion Fashion: Industry Fashions Fastest Port West Fast Food Father's Day Fatty Arbuckle Feature Film Production Feeding Bears Feeding Birds Feeding Deer Female Model Female Students Feminism Fenellon Falls Feral Horses Ferries Ferris Wheel Ferry Ferry Boat Ferry Ride Ferry Terminal FERTILIZERS Fiberglas Fiddle Fiddling Field Operation Field Trip Field Trips Fighter Jets Files Fill Er Up Film Film Archives Film Camera Film Equipment Film Industry Filmmaking Film Premiere Film Production Film Sets Film Studios Finance Fine Dining Finger Lakes Fingers On Keys Finishing School Fire Fire Department Firefighter Fire Fighters Firefighting Firehouse Fire Hydrant Fire Island Fire Lookout Fires And Firefighting Fire Truck Fireworks First Americans Into Communist China First Birthday First Communion Fish Fishbowl Fish Cleaning Fisherman's Wharf Fisherman’s Wharf Fish Fry Fish Haul Fishing Fishing Boat Fishing Rod And Creel Fishing Trip Fish Ladder Fixme Flags Flapper Dress Flapper Dresses Flapper Era Fleet Week Flight Flint Michigan Flirtation Floats Flood Flood Damage Flooded Fields Flooded Road Flooded Valley Flood Story Florida Florsheim Shoes Flower Flower Arrangement Flower Garden Flowering Flower Market Flower Merchant Flowers Flower Show Fly Fishing Flying Folding Wing Aircraft Folk Dance Folk Dancing Folklore Folk Tales Food FOOD Food (Canning) Food (Processing) Food: Condiments Food: Dairy Industry Food Court Food Industry Food Industry: Meat Food Industry: Meat Production Food Production Foods FOOD Safety Football Football Game Football Games Football Indian Iconography Foot Race Foraging For Mushrooms Ford, Henry Ford Motor Company Ford Pavilion Fordson High School Forest Forest Fire Forest Industry Forest Lookout Tower] Forestry Formal Formal Entrance Fort Bragg Fort Mackinac Fort Ross Fort Sutter Foundational Films Fountain Of Youth Fox Foxes Fox Hour Fox Pelt Fox Stole Frameline Shift France Frankfort Franklin, Benjamin Fraternities Free Art Freedomland Free Enterprise Freeways Freewheeling Freight Freight Train French Quarter French Riviera FRICTION Friends Frog Frontiers Reel Frontier Theme Frontier Town Frozen Lake Frozen Pond Fuel & Supply Co. Full Cry Fun Fundraiser Funeral Funerals Funnicular Fur Industry Furniture Furniture Store Futurism Gallup, New Mexico Galveston Gamboling Game Haven Games Gananoque Gananoque Ontario Garden Gardening Gardens Gardens (Japanese) Gary’s Cable Car Restaurant Gas Range Gas Rationing Gas Station Gathering Berries Gathering Flowers Gazelle Geese Gen-X Gender Roles General Electric General Motors Geography Geography: U.S.: Mountain States Geography: U.S.: Pacific Northwest Geography: U.S.: Southeastern States Geology Georgia Geothermal GE Pavilion German Shepherd Germany Gettysburg Geysers GGIE Ghost Town Gift Gift For Son Gifts Gion Festival Girl Girls Girls Play Ball Girls Roller Skate Toward Camera Girls Softball Girls With Cameras Girl With Camera Girl With Film Camera Girl With Toy Pistol GIs Glacier Glacier Change Glacier National Park Glacier NP Glacier Park Studies Glacier Point Glaciers Glacier Tourism Glass Glen Canyon Globalization Global Warming Gloucester Gloucester Fisherman's Memorial Gnome Goats Golden Gate Golden Gate Bridge Golden Gate Bridge, Bay Bridge Golden Gate Fields Golden Gate International Exposition Golden Gate Park Golden Lake Park Jamboree Gold Mining Golf Golf Course Good Taste Decorating Government Graduation Graduation Ceremony Graduations Grand Canyon Grand Canyon Floor Grand Coulee Grand Coulee Dam Grand Hotel Grandmother Grandpa Grandparents Grand View Point Granite Pass Grapes Grave Grave Site Graveyard] Great Basin Great Blue Heron Great Depression Great Depression (1930s) Great Egret Great Highway Great Lakes Great Lakes Campground Great Lakes Steam Ship Co. Great Salt Lake Greece Greek Muses Greek Orthodox Priest Greenbelt, Maryland Greenfield Village Greyhound Greyhound Races Griffith Griffith Labs Griffith Observatory Grill Grizzly Bear Groundbreaking Group Boards Charter Bus Growing West Grumman F4F Wildcat Plane Gualala Guard Station Guatemala Guerneville Guests Gulf Coast Gulkana Gulls Guns Guns And Ammunition Gushing Oil Guy Carawan Gymnastics Gypsy Rose Lee Sign Haight-Ashbury Hair Haiti Halfdome Hall Of Wonders Halloween Hamburg-American Lines Hamburgers Hammock Ham Radio Hand-held Radio Handsaw Handshake Handstand Hand Tools Hangar One Hanging Out Happy Family Happy Motoring Happy Motoring Ahead Harbor Harbors Harlem Harper Hospital Harry Partch Hartford Conn. Harvest Harvester Harvesting Harvest With Horses Harwich Hauling Havana Hawai'i Hawaii Hawaiian Dances Hawaiian People Hawai’i Hawthorne, Nevada Hay Baling Haying Hay River Hayward Headlines Head Scarf Headstone Health Health: Dentistry Health And Hygiene Hearst Castle Hearst Metrotone News Heaven And Hell Heavy Equipment Heavy Surf Heceta Head Heidelberg Heinz Helicopter Henry Charles US Trip 1953 Henry Ford Henry Ford Museum Herbert Hoover Herbert Ullman Daily Herbicides Heronry Hero’s Welcome Hetch Hetchy Hialeah Highland Cows Highlander High School High School Dance High School Graduation High Schools Highway Highway 99 Highway 101 Highway 198 Highways High Winds Hiking Hiking In Winter Hiking Stick Hippie Hippies Hippopotamus Hipster Subculture Hispanic Hispanic Family Historical Film Historical Reenactment Historic Costume Historic Streetcar History Hit Hitler Hobbies Holiday Holiday Dinner Holidays Holidays: Thanksgiving Holland Holland (Michigan) Holland America Holland Tulip Festival Hollywood Hollywood Bowl Hollywood Neon Home Homecoming Home Construction Home Demolition Home Economics Home Economics: Laundry Home Exteriors Home Improvement Home Interior Home Interiors Homeless Homelessness Home Movie Home Movie PA 0000114 Home Movie PA 000099 Home Movie PA 000100 Home Movie PA 000109 Home Movie PA 000110 Home Movie PA 000111 Home Movie PA 000112 Home Movie PA 000113 Home Movie PA 000115 Home Movie PA 000166 Home Movie PA 000218 Home Movie PA 000219 Home Movie PA 000220 Home Movie PA 000227 Home Movie PA 000228 Home Movie PA 000229 Home Movie PA 000230 Home Movie PA 000231 Home Movie PA 000232 Home Movie PA 000233 Home Movie PA 000234 Home Movie PA 010584 Home Movie PA 010792 Home Movie PA 010793 Home Movie PA 010828 Home Movie PA 010841 Home Movie PA 010864 Home Movie PA 010885 Home Movie PA 010934 Home Movie PA 096025 Home Movie PA 096029 Home Movie PA 096033 Home Movie PA 097715 Home Movie PA 097835 Home Movie PA 097836 Home Movie PA 097838 Home Movie PA 097839 Home Movie PA 097840 Home Movie PA 097842 Home Movie PA 097843 Home Movie PA 11022 Home Movies Home Remodel Homes Homestead, Pa. Home Workshop Homosexualities Honduras Honeymoon Hong Kong Honolulu Hoover Dam Hoover Dam Aerial Hopscotch Horse Horse-drawn Carriage Horse-drawn Cart Horse-drawn Plow Horse-drawn Sled Horse-drawn Wagon Horse And Buggy Race Horseback Ride Horseback Riding Horse Camping Horse Corral Horse Family Horse Farm Horse Labor Horseplay Horse Race Horse Races Horse Racing Horse Raising Horses Horseshoes Horse Show Hospital Hospitals Hot Dogs On Grill Hotel Hotel Colorado Hotel Del Coronado Hotel Labor Hotel Suisse Hotel Villa Hermosa Hotel Zur Kreuz Hot Rods Hounds House Housefly Household HOUSEHOLD GOODS House Moving Houses Houses And Homes Houses And Homes: Appliances Houses And Homes: Building Houses And Homes: Buildings Houses And Homes: Interior Decoration Houses And Homes: Kitchens Houses And Homes: Kitchens: Refrigerators Houses And Homes: Paint Houses And Homes: Sales House Sold Housework Housing Housing Justice Housing Projects Houston Howard University Howe Caverns How To Make Faces Hudson County Hudson River Hugging Hugs Hula Hoops Hull Human Body Human Rights Hummingbird Humor Hunters Island Hunting Hunting Dog Hunting Dogs Hunting Practice Huntington Huntington Library Huntsville Huppah Hurricane Audrey Huskies Hydraulic Mining Hydroelectric Dams Hydroplane I-75 I. J. 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Kennedy Jones Beach Joshua Tree Journalism Journey Into Medicine Joyce Kilmer Judaism Juggling Juke Boxes July 4th Jungle Dropout Jungles Of The Amazon Junk Yard Just Any Day At Scandalhoff’s Juvenile Delinquency K-class Kailua Kona Trader Kalahaku Overlook Kalamazoo Kalypso Thinks Kangaroo Kansas Kansas City Kapok Tree Keep It Clean Kennebago Lake Kennedy Assassination Kentucky Kern County Ketchikan Ketchup Keystone Readers Service Keystone Readers 1 Key System Key To Our Horizons Kezar Stadium Kicking Horse River Kid On Bicycle Kids Kids Smoking Kids Wear Velvet Kileaua Kilroy Was Here Kinetic Motion Kinetic Sculpture King Of The Hill Kings Canyon National Park Kingston Kinship Kissing Kitchen Kit Houses Kittatinny Mountain Kitten Kittens Kitty Wells Kiwanis Club Klamath Basin Klamath Lake Klamath River Highway Klickatat River Knitting Knotty Pine Knott’s Berry Farm Knowland, William Kodachrome Kodacolor Korean War Korean War: Prisoners Of War Kresge Co. Kyoto Lab Labor Labor (Agricultural) Labor (Agriculture) Labor (Strikes) Labor (Women Workers) Labor: 1910s Labor: 1930s Labor: 1940s Labor: 1970s Labor: Activism Labor: Negotiations Labor: Strikes Labor: Unemployment Labor: Union Organization Laboratory Labor Day Parade Labrador Retriever Lab Rats Lac Du Flambeau Ladies Lady Lady Stock Exchange La Jolla Lake Lake Abert Lake Berryessa Lake Brienz Lake Erie Lake Erie Model Railroad Lakefront Cabin Lake George Lake Huron Lake Louise Lake Mead Lake Merritt Lake Michigan Lake Ozonia Lakes Lakeshore Lake Shore Lakeshore Cabins Lakeshore Recreation Lake St Lake Superior Chippewa Lake Tahoe Lake Thun Lambs Lamps Land For Future Land For The Future Land Future Landscape Landscape Painting Landscapes Landscapes: Cultural Lands End Landslide Land Use Land’s End Laredo Large Family Larrupin Falls Larry Larry Moyer Last Date Last Word Las Vegas Las Vegas Strip Latina Latin America Latin American Latin Culture Latin Food Latino Latinx Laughter Laundry In A Waterfall Laundry Line Laundry On The Line Laurel Hill Tunnel Lava Flow Lavender Law Law Enforcement Lawn Lawn Mower Lawrence Kansas LAX LDS Leaders Leadville Leaf Burning Leafy Street Leapfrog Leave Leggett Leisure Leisure Fashion Leisure Railroad Excursion Lenni Leonid Brezhnev Leslie Lane Level Levittown, Pa. Library Library Science License Plate Licking County LIFE Life Extension Lifeguard Training Lifesavers Lifesaving Lifesaving Service Lifestyle Lifestyles Light Light Aircraft Lighthouse Lighthouses Light Leaks Lillian Roth Lina Basquette Lincoln Lincoln Highway Lindbergh, Anne Morrow Lindbergh, Charles Augustus Line Dance Lion Lion And Mouse Lionel Trains Lions Club Lita Grey Chaplin Literacy Little League Little League Baseball Parade Little People Live Band Live Entertainment Live Guitar Live Pop Music Live Steam Live Theater Live Theatrical Loading Car Loading Coal Locks Log Cabin Log Cabins Logging Lombard London London Bridge Long Beach Long Hair Long Island Long Live Longshoremen Loons Loranger Mills Lorelei Lorraine De Wood Los Angeles Los Angeles City Hall Los Angeles City Streets Los Angeles County Los Angeles County Medical Association Los Angeles Zoo Lost Landscapes Lost Landscapes Of San Francisco Lost Load Louisiana LP Record Player LPs Lubrication LUBRICATION Luer Luer Space Ship Lumber Lumber Haul Lumber Mill Lumber Truck Lumber Yard Lustrous Lustrous Touch Lutheran Church Luzon Lyndon B. Johnson MA MacArthur Park MACHINERY Mackaye, Benton Mackenzie River Mackinac Bridge Mackinac Ferry Mackinac Island Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Maddux Magazine Magic Magic Foot Magic Touch Magnified Mail Order Catalogs Maine Main Street Birdseye View MAIN STREETS MAINTENANCE Maintenance In Wartime Makeup Make Up Making Pie Malaysia Male Gaze Malibu Man Man's Place In The Sun Management Man And Dog Man Feeds Chipmunk Manhattan Manifest Destiny Mansfield Mansfield B Mansion Manufacturing Manufacturing: Automobiles Man With Camera Man With Movie Camera Many Children Mao Tse-Tung Mao Zedong Marble Mine March March For Black Survival Marching Marching Bands Marconi Radio Mardi Gras Marina Marina Green Marin County Marine World Marin Headlands Marionettes Maritimes Market Research Markets Market Street Marriage Marshall Field’s Marshall Islands Martin Luther King (Jr.) Maryland Marysville Masonic Home Camp Massachusetts Massachusetts Locations Matanuska Matanuska Valley Materials: Plastics 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Philippines Phoenix, Arizona Photo Photographer Photography Physical Comedy Physical Fitness Physics PHYSICS Physics: Measurement Physics: Springs Physics: X-rays Piano Piano Recital Picket Line Picket Lines Picking Apples Picking Cotton Picking Flowers Picking Rogue River Pears Pickling Pickup Baseball Picnic Picnicking Picnics Picture Piercy Piers Pig Carcass Pig Far Pig Farm Piglets Pigments Pigs Pig Tales Pike’s Peak Pineapple Pinscher Pirates Pistol Pit Mine Pitt River Pittsburgh PIttsburgh Place Plane Landing Plane Ride Plane Wreck Plant Plantation Planting Plastering Plastics Play Play Flim Playground Playing Playing Catch Playing In Garden Playing In Snow Plays Cards Plays Music Plowing Snow Point Bonita Poison Ivy Poisons: Insecticides Poisons: Pesticides Polar Bear Polaroid Pole Vault Police POLICE Police Academy Police Barricade Police Baton Police Dog Police Family Policeman At Home Police Training Political Campaigns And Elections Political Campaigns And Elections: California Political Conventions (Republican 1956) Political Protest Political Science Pollution Polo Polymorphics Ponce De Leon Ponchos Ponies Pony Pony Ride Poodle Skirts Pool Port Huron Portland Portola District Portrait Photography Posey Tube Post, Emily Postal Service Postal Workers Post Storm Calm Postwar Europe Potato Pottery On The Wheel Poultry Poverty Poverty Tourism Prairie Prank Praying Mantis Prediction Prejudice Prelinger Prelinger Archives Premature Puppy Preminger, Otto Preparations Preparing Turkey Preserved Foods Preserves Presidential Candidate Presidents Prevention Pricipitins Priesthood Primary School Prince Phillippe Princess Cruise Princess Cruise Line Princess Patricia Princeton Prison Prisons Pro-Medic Process Carcass Process Plates Production Lot Productive Prohibition Prologue Promotional Reel Pronghorn Propaganda Proper Prophecies Protest Protest Signs Provincial Fish Hatchery Psychiatry Psychological Warfare Psychology Psychology: Emotions Public Health Public History Publishing Pudge Pueblo Puerto Ricans Puerto Rico Pullman Pumping Gas Pump Jack Pumpkin Puppies Pure Gasoline Purple Martin Purple Martin House Purple Martins Putting In An Orchard Quail Quebec Quebec City Queen Mary Queen Of Angels Retreat Quest Of The Perfect Woman Quonset Hut Québec Rabbi Rabbit Rabbit Hutch Rabbits Race Cars Race Horses Race Relations Racetrack Racing Track Racism Radar Radar Array Radiation Radical Film Radio Radio Station Radio Tower Radium Hot Springs Radome Raggedy Ann Rail Fan Railfans Rail Fans Railroad Railroad Bridge Railroad Excursion Railroad Museum Railroads Railroads (Passenger) Railway Railway Station Rail Workers Rail Yard Rain Rainbow Rainbow Forest Rally Ralph Waldo Emerson Rambler Ran Reel Ration Card Ravens Rays RCMP Reading Aloud Reading To Children Real-life Christmas Real West Receiving Line Record Player Records Recreation Recreational Boating Recreational Watercraft Red Cross Red Hot Steel Red Rock Red Rock Island Red Rocks Red Rocks Amphitheater Red Snowplow Redwoods Redwood Tree Redwood Trees Reel Reel 1 Reel 1 A Reel 2 B Reel 42 Reel A Reel B Reflecting Ball REFRIGERATORS Regional: Brazil Regional: United States: Utah Regional: Vietnam War Regionalism Regional Planning Association Of America Rehearsal Reindeer Religion Religious Film Reno Reno, Nevada Republican Convention Republic Aviation Rescue Research Facility Reservoir Residential Residential Neighborhood Residential Streets Resort Resorts Restaurant Restaurants Restoration Restricted Area Retirement Retriever Retroperitoneal Fibrosis Reunion Revolutionar War Revolutionary War Rhine Rhine River Rhode Island Rice Industry Rice Mill Exteriors Richland, Washington Richmond Richmond District Richmond San Rafael Bridge Rideau Canal Ride On Coal Barge Riding Competition Rifles Rimouski Ring Around A Rosy Ringling Brothers Rio Grande Riots Rituals Ritz Crackers River Riverbank River Boat Riverboat River Front River Gorge River Locks Rivers Rivers: Mississippi Rivers: Western U.S. Riverside Riverside California Roach Road Clearing Roads Roadsides Roadsigns Roadtrip Road Trip Roadtrips Road Trips, Home Movies Robert Pershing Wadlow Robotics Rochester Rochester, N.Y. Rochester MI Rock'n'roll Rock And Roll Rocket To The Moon Rocking Horse Rock Island Line Rocky Beach Rocky Beach Scenes Rocky Mountains Rodeo Rodeos Roller Skating Rolph, James Romance Rondeau Provincial Park Rooftop Rooftop Views Roosevelt Rope Swing Roughhouse Rousillac Canadian Mission School Route 1 Route 9 Route 17 Route 24 Route 35 Route 101 Route 121 Rowboat Rowboats Row Houses Row Housing Royal American Exposition Royal Hawaiian Hotel RP-000931 RP 000626 RP 000637 RP 000639 RP 000741 RP 000742 RP 000743 RP 000745 RP 000749 RP 000765 RP 000769 RP 000770 RP 000772 RP 000773 RP 000774 RP 000776 RP 000778 RP 000779 RP 000780 RP 000784 RP 000786 RP 000805 RP 000805b RP 000808 RP 000815 RP 000828 RP 000832 RP 000833 RP 000838 RP 000845 RP 000856 RP 000857 RP 000869 RP 000871b RP 000880 RP 000885 RP 000900 RP 000900b RP 000901 RP 000902 RP 000903 RP 000908a RP 000908b RP 000909 RP 000910 RP 000912 RP 000913 RP 000914 RP 000916 RP 000917 RP 000918 RP 000919 RP 000920 RP 000921 RP 000922 RP 000923 RP 000924 RP 000925 RP 000926 RP 000927 RP 000928 RP 000929 RP 000931 RP 000932 RP 000935 RP 000936 RP 000937 RP 000938 RP 000939 RP 000940 RP 000941 RP 000963 RP 000965 RP 000966 RP 000967 RP 000968 RP 000969 RP 000971 RP 000972 RP 000973 RP 000974 RP 000975 RP 000976 RP 000977 RP 000979 RP 000980 RP 000981 RP 000983 RP 000984 RP 000986 RP 000987 RP 000988 RP 000988 Alt RP 000989 RP 000989 Alt RP 000990 RP 000991 RP 000991 Alt RP 000992 RP 000992 Alt RP 000993 Alt RP 000995 RP 000995 Alt RP 000995b RP 000996 RP 000996 Alt RP 000997 RP 000997 Alt RP 000999 RP 001002 RP 001004 RP 001005 RP 001011 RP 001012 RP 001015 RP 001016 RP 001018 RP 001022 RP 001022a RP 001023 RP 001025 RP 001028 RP 001031 RP 001032 RP 001035e RP 001037 RP 001042 RP 001044 RP 001047 RP 001050 RP 001050b RP 001051a RP 001055b RP 001060 RP 001062 RP 001063 RP 001063b RP 001064 RP 001065 RP 001066 RP 001068 RP 001069 RP 001070 RP 001071 RP 001072 RP 001074 RP 001075 RP 001076 RP 001077 RP 001078 RP 001079 RP 001080 RP 001081 RP 001082 RP 001083 RP 001084 RP 001087 RP 001090 RP 001093 RP 001095 RP 001099 RP 001101 RP 001103 RP 001105 RP 001106 RP 001107 RP 001108 RP 001109 RP 001114 SF RP 001115b RP 001115c RP 001140 RP 001141 RP 001144 RP 001146 RP 001147 RP 001148 RP 001149 RP 001152 RP 001153 RP 001155 001 RP 001157 001 RP 001158 001 RP 001181a RP 001221 001 RP 001224 RP 001241 001 RP 001243 001 RP 001244 001 RP 001249 001 RP 001254 001 RP 001305 001 RP 038845 RP 038846 RP 038847 RP 038848 RP 038849 RP 038850 RP 1404 Printer RP Backfire 001 RP Butterick Clothes Of 1942 001 RP Calvin 0001 001 RP Calvin 0004 001 RP Calvin 0006 004 RP Capital Close Up Reel 1 001 RP Capital Close Up Reel 2 001 RP Cornell Outtakes Reel 1 001 RP Cornell Outtakes Reel 2 001 RP Cornell Outtakes Reel 4 001 RP Cornell Outtakes Reel 15 001 RP Cornell Outtakes Reel 16 001 RP Cotton Miracle Pix A 001 RP Cotton Miracle Pix B 001 RP Democracy At Work 001 RP Early Settlers Of New England 001 RP Early Settlers Of New England 4 RP Fighting Weeds Reel 1 Photo 001 RP Fighting Weeds Reel 2 Photo 001 RP Fighting Weeds Reel 3 Photo 001 RP Green Light R 1 B 001 RP Green Light R 2 A 001 RP Green Light R 2 B 001 RP Green Light R 3 A 001 RP Green Light R 3 B 001 RP Green Light Reel 1 ARoll 001 RP Habit Patterns 001 RP Hereford Story 001 RP Hereford Story Reel 2 001 RP Hesston Corporation Outtakes 001 RP Investing In Your Future 001 RP Its A Different Story 001 RP John Doe Citizen 001 RP Last Clear Chance 001 RP Look Beyond The Facts 001 RP Look Beyond The Facts 002 RP Look Beyond The Facts Outtakes 001 RP Meet Mr Termite 001 RP Michigan Snap Mount 001 RP More Dangerous Than Dynamite 001 RP MSFC Aerials 001 RP MTF Wrap Up Film Reel 1 001 RP MTF Wrap Up Film Reel 2 001 RP MTF Wrap Up Film Reel 3 001 RP MTF Wrap Up Film Reel 4 001 RP Name Unknown 001 RP New Frontiers 001 RP New York Is A Christmas Wonderland ARoll 001 RP New York Is A Christmas Wonderland BRoll 001 RP One World Or None 001 RP Prologue To The Future 001 RP Quiet Revolution 001 RP Report In Primary Colors 001 RP Swope Park Outtakes 001 RP Swope Park Zoological Gardens 001 RP Texas Eastern Transmission Reel 3 001 RP To Inform And To Serve 001 RP Valley Town 001 RP Westward Ho 001 RP Why Take Chances 001 RP Workshop 1967 001 RP World That Nature Forgot 001 RP Young Mans Fancy 001 Rubber Rumble Seat Rural Rural America Rural Family Rural Florida Rural Landscapes Rural Life Rural Poor Rural Poor: United States Rural Roads Russian River Russian Village Rusty Reel 1 S.S. Octorara Sack Race Sack Races Sacramento Sacramento River Sacramento Valley Safety Safety: Automotive Safety: Bicycle Safety: Driving Safety: Fire Safety: Occupational Safety: Pedestrian Safety: Railroad Safety: School Buses Safety: Truck Driving Sagebrush Saguaro Saguaro Cactus Saguaro NP Sahara Hotel Sailing Sailor Suit Sailor Suits Salamanders Sales Sales: Training Salesmanship Salinas Salmon Salmon Fishing Salsa Salsa Dancing Salt Salt Lake City Salvation Army Salvation Army Skid Row Sam Samovar Serenade Sample Sample Reel San Antonio Water District San Bruno Mountain San Diego San Diego Zoo Sanford Dam San Francisco San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge Construction San Francisco 1950s San Francisco: Aviation San Francisco: Bohemian Club San Francisco: Chinese Americans San Francisco: Crime And Criminals San Francisco: Disasters San Francisco: Fashion Shows San Francisco: History San Francisco: Humor San Francisco: Infrastructure San Francisco: Juvenile Delinquents San Francisco: Labor San Francisco: Political Activity San Francisco: Presidio Of San Francisco San Francisco: Scenics: Historical San Francisco: World War II: Postwar San Francisco Bay San Francisco Bay Area San Francisco Bay Area: Alameda County San Francisco Bay Area: BART San Francisco Bay Area: Baseball San Francisco Bay Area: Berkeley San Francisco Bay Area: Industry San Francisco Bay Area: Infrastructure San Francisco Bay Area: Marin County San Francisco Bay Area: Martinez San Francisco Bay Area: Oakland San Francisco Bay Area: San Mateo County San Francisco Bay Area: Silicon Valley San Francisco Bay Area: Sonoma County San Francisco History San Francisco Labor Day Parade San Francisco Neighborhoods San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge San Francisco Waterfront San Francisco Yacht Harbor San Joaquin Valley San Juan Capistrano San Mateo, California San Mateo County San Quentin San Quentin Prison Santa's Workshop Santa Ana Santa Barbara Santa Clara County Santa Claus Santa Cruz Santa Cruz Boardwalk Santa Cruz Mountains Santa Fe Chief Santa Fe Cigars Santa Fe Train Santa Monica Satire Sault Ste. Marie Sausage Saying Grace Scandinavian Cultural Heritage Scandinavian Culture Scare Story Scary Clown Schizophrenia Scholle Carnation Plant School School Bus School Buses School Campus School Children Schools Schooner Science Science Fiction Science Pavilion Scientific Research Scooter Scuba Diving SD Sea-Arama Marine World Sea Cliff Sea Crest Hotel Sea Life Sea Lions Seals Stadium Seaplane Sears Point Sears Roebuck Catalog Seasons Seattle Seattle Expo Seattle World's Fair Sea Turtles Second Wave Feminism Secretary SEEDS See Town Motion Pix Self-improvement Selznick Seminary Senior Citizens Seniors Sequoia Sequoia National Park Servers Service Service Plaza Settlers Settler Village Seven Gables Sewing Sex Education Sexual Harrassment Sexualities Sexually Transmitted Diseases SFO Shafter Sharing Shasta Dam Shasta Lake Sheep Shelling Peas Sheriff Parade Sherlock Production Ship Shipbuilding Ship Lock Shipping Ships Shipwreck Shipwrecks Shirley Center, Mass. 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Activities Social Club Social Group Social Guidance Social Guidance: Dating Social Guidance: Etiquette Social Guidance: Marriage Social Insects Social Issues: 1950s Social Issues: 1960s Social Modification Social Services Society: Education Sociology Softball Soft Focus Soil Soil Grading Soldier Soldiers Somersaults Son Sonoma County Sonoma Raceway Sorting Produce Sound Soundie Sound Stone Sound Truck South America Southampton South Carolina South Dakota South Dakota: Everyday Life South Dakota: History And Culture Southeast Asia Southern California Southern California Deserts Southern Europe Southern Pacific Southwest Space Space: Culture Space: Satellites Space Bar Space Float Space Needle Space Ship Spain Spanish Civil War Spectators Speedboat Speedboats Spider Splashdown Spliced In Splitting Logs Spokane Sponsor Sponsored Film Sponsored Films Sport Fishing Sports Sports: Baseball Sports: Bowling Sports: Horse Racing Sports: Hunting Sports: Rodeo Sports: Rollerskating Sports: Rowing 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